Work with a seasoned content writer to grow your readership

I’ve been blogging for over six years, with my most recent project being The Minimalist Vegan, which reaches over 100,000 people every month.

I specialise in high-quality long-form articles ranging between 1000 and 3000 words (sometimes much more). I find that this is the perfect length to keep readers engaged but also having them coming back for more.

Longer articles also tend to perform better in Google search results, which will generate organic traffic to your website.

I also love writing well-researched opinion pieces that let your readers know what you believe in. Sometimes you need to be polarising to find your raving fans!

The topics I write about include, veganism, sustainability, ethical shopping, minimalism, simple living, productivity and mindfulness.

Having a business background, naturally, I have a keen interest in writing B2B content with a focus on digital marketing.

To get a feel for my writing style, here’s a small sample of my articles:

Is It Okay For Vegans To Eat Eggs From Backyard Chickens? – this piece often gets referenced in vegan and non-vegan interactions (ahem, arguments) on social media. This article has had over 11,000 pageviews between April 2019 and February 2020 and ranks for a variety of long-tail keywords in Google.

100+ Simple Tips To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle – this is an epic list-style post which has seen 80,000 pageviews in the last 12 months (as of February 2020). Ranks top 3 in Google for the highly competitive keyword “sustainable living”.

The Negative Effects of Clutter: Backed By Science – this is an example of research-driven content that also inspires readers to take action.

How To Turn Pro Before Launching Your Website – this is one of my guest posts on Mirasee (formerly Firepole Marketing). It’s a highly actionable guide which generated a ton of engagement in the comments and on social media.

10 Money-Making Tasks Successful Freelance Writers Do Every Day – this is another actionable guest article on a reputable writing blog, The Write Life.

How To Increase Cruelty-Free Spending in Australia – this is an example of an article I wrote for a client to increase loyalty with their existing audience.

For more examples, check out our archive, which includes hundreds of thought-provoking articles.

If you’re interested in trialling some posts, email me at to discuss your project.

“Michael was a pleasure to work with. He was enthusiastic and really helped us to create content that was engaging, thoughtful, and relevant for our target audience.

In all our workings and interactions, Michael took initiative and was always proactive in pulling together content pieces. We were constantly impressed by how responsive he was and how comfortably he was able to work within our often very tight timelines.

It was wonderful to work with someone so passionate and knowledgeable. Michael’s positive attitude and energy was contagious and always left me with a smile. I hope we get to work together again soon.”

– Freya Bent, Digital Engagement Manager, Cruelty Free Super